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Power Hisco DVR

Gold/Platinium-DVR System

The best performance and total digital video security solution of digital technology

Best of DVR, Power DVR Series

Real time(480 fps) display, Max 240 fps, 480 fps recording speed up to 16 camera
7-days 24 hours graphic recording schedule interface with 3 different recording resolution modes
standard 1 audio recording channel, 2+ audio recording (option)
Video manipulation-preventive function(Watermarking)
Internal compression algorithm- MPEG4 / MJPEG
Self-diagnosis, Motion detection, Auto Reboot
Support recording in continuance, motion, sensor, motion+senor, watch, event
Remote access PSTN, ISDN, LAN/WAN,Broadband
Backup device (optional) DVD-RAM, (Optional) CD-RW, MO, Zip, USB Drive

Eye Guard Digital Technology for Digital Video Security Solutions

Eye Guard Series DVR represents the next generation of Digital Video Recorder(DVR) to protect your property, assets, employees and your home. The recording history can be viewed or searched remotely via a modem or local area network.


Features include the ability to backup an incident and verify it through a built-in image verification program (proprietary digital watermarking format). Eye Guard Series offers you peace of mind in a digital CCTV solution.

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1~16 camera input division screen monitoring

480fps display 240fps recording

 Zoom video identification on Live screen

MPEG4 high resolution display

16 channel fast search

Fast search on specify conditions

Daily,weekly,monthly scheduled recording : 

frame select function per each channel   

Live Zoom function to enlarge and replay recoded video (image correction function)

Search function in accordance with various recording method such as motion detection, sensor and alarm

Power Hisco DVR Specification

EyeGuard DVR 3240
EyeGuard DVR 3480


  Display Frame /Sec
480Frame/Sec (NTSC)
Realtime (H/W overlay)
Recording Frame/Sec (PAL/NTSC)
100/120 Frame/Sec
240/480 Frame/Sec
80GB (Capacity expandable)
80GB (Capacity expandable)
Input Channel
Output Channel
1 Bnc(NTSC/1VGA)
1 Bnc(1VGA)
Sensor Input
16 (dry contract)
16 (dry contract)
Alarm output
16 (Relay)
4 (open collector type)
Patent algorithm
Patent algorithm
Image Saving Format
Bitmap, JPEG, AVI
Bitmap, JPEG, AVI
Multi Screen
1, 4, 8, 16
1, 4, 8,16
Recording frame (NTSC/PAL)rate / Sec
Max.120/100fps total
Max.480/240fps total
Recording Mode
Full time, Motion, sensor, motion+Sensor, continuous, watch, Event
Full time, Motion, sensor, motion+Sensor, continuous, watch, Event
Standard surpport  
Image Verification
Image Printing
History search Indexing
Alarm Notification
Video Loss Detection
Remote Control Access
Watch dog, Image calibration
Watch dog, Image calibration
 Motion detection and 
PTZ Program
 Motion detection and 
PTZ Program
Option Items
Back up devices
Back up devices

EyeGuard DVR 3240/3480 Application

Bank, company, building automatic control, automation system, extension apartment, airport, harbor control
Casino, military facilities, railway (subway) control, large discount store, logistic site, distribution agency
Traffic control system, vehicle and road monitoring system, remote treatment, remote trial, remote conference, remote education
Department store, convenient store, house, etc.

Main features of Power Hisco DVR EyeGuard Series
≦ Server(Main) Program
User-friendly interface allows efficient and fast way of retrieving video footage.
Choice of 25/30f/s, 50/60 f/s or 100/120 f/s, 200/240f/s recording speed (NTSC/PAL).
Offers real-time display capability.
High Quality, Secure Digital Video Recording using of MPEG-4 based Wavelet or M-JPEG Compression.
Recording images with date/ time stamp.
Up to 16 camera inputs, 16 alarm inputs & 4 alarm outputs.
Proprietary file system optimizes data storage.
Supports PAL/ NTSC video signal.
Multiple split screen displays up to 16 cameras on the Server and 24 on the Client system.
Colour adjustments for individual cameras.
Built-in video signal lost detection and watchdog function.
Multiple users access function.
Image printing and image verification.
Support PTZ camera controls (refer to the specification for details).
Image backup as a footage (Proprietary backup s/w), still images (JPG,BMP).
7-days 24 hours graphic recording schedule interface with 5 different recording modes and 3 different resolution setting.
1 channel Audio or 1 channel microphone and audio out.
Proprietary digital watermarking technology.
Automatic, image transmission to remote PC on alarm via LAN, ADSL (Alarm notification).
≦ Search program
User-friendly interface allows efficient and fast way of retrieving video footage.
Timeline with calendar displays and 'Goto'?and 'Index'?easy search function.
VCR look-alike playback controls and zoom-in function.
Multiple cameras playback and panorama viewing.
Image saving (JPG, AVI, BMP) and printing (1x, 2x).
Sound playback with image.
≦ Client program
Remote Client system accessed through modem, ISDN, LAN/ WAN or even broadband.
Remote s/w includes remote surveillance and recording, search, playback.
Remote Multiple cameras playback and panorama viewing.
Simultaneous monitoring of 10 different remote site.
Remote setting via LAN/WAN Internet, ADSL, PSTN, ISDN.
Remote connection by scheduled connection setting.
Remotely Server rebootable.
Automatic, image transmission to remote PC on alarm via LAN, ADSL (Alarm notification).
Web base Client X function.

EyeGuard DVR 3240/3480 Practical Application

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