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DVR System - Corporation, Government, Army
Various remote operations like those in the desktop
Remote surveillance system and data back-up
Enhanced integration capabilities, Top Grade
DVR Board - DIY, Foreign Windows
DIY products for small office and home
Components for local assembler all over the world Ideal parts for custom-made security equipment

Standalone DVR - Home, Small Office, Small Site
Plug and Use, no PC, no software, very stable
Excellent entry level for easy operation 
All features you need in small environment
DVR Package - Easy DIY
DIY package for small office and home
Plug and use                                                                      Ideal for user with little electronics knowlege

HKEA has supplied our customer with optimized security solutions such as analog CCTV system and Digital Video Recorder (DVR). HKEA has the power to lead the digital security market with customized application, creativity and innovation helping customers to have a more convenient and safer life.

HKEA has competencies key to the successful adaptation of DVR to security market. The company's outstanding expertise in business execution and commitment to industry standards are major factors in deploying industry-leading security system integration.

HKEA will continue to lead the digital security market.

HKEA always open for all creative business proposition, your suggestion is welcome and reward all contributed parties and serve the community.
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