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The birth of HKEA orginated from a small family business with one single service to the community - educational service. We supply teachers to clients' homes to catered for the loose gap that the schools were not sufficient to provide to the students needs. Although this division today has become smaller comparative to our other expanding divisions, but HKEA has not forgotten how it was born. This division continue to exist until now, and will continue as long as HKEA is here. The education division contines to serve the community and carries its old traditions to provide reliable and quality services to our clients. Our services has now reached the schools and non-profitable organizations to provide better quality and fun learning for the next generations.

The Chairman would like to take this opportunity to thank you all the existing and old clients who is now visiting this site and had supported us over the years. Only with your past support, we can then have the opportunity to come to this stage. On behalf of HKEA, we thank you all from the bottom of our heart. May God bless your children and peace and joy in all humanties.

 "  . . . . . today shall be our day of action, tomorrow may be too late. We shall work as though there is no tomorrow, after all time and tide waits for no one . . . . .  "

Wish all the students enjoy every moment in school and at home. Spare no time and strive for the best for yourself and work towards your dreams, makes your parents proud of you and your teachers worthwhile. 

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HKEA always open for all creative business proposition, your suggestion is welcome and reward all contributed parties and serve the community.
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