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The Government's Investment Immigration Scheme launched in October 2003

The Hong Kong Government had received enormous inquiries from overseas - including Southeast Asia, Middle East, Taiwan and India - since the scheme was announced in March.

Under the Capital Investment Entrant Scheme, entrants require an investment of at least HK$6.5 million in real estate and financial assets. An entrant cannot reduce the investment or take any earnings, apart from cash dividends, interest or rent, for seven years.

Entrants will be allowed to switch investments from one permissible asset class to another on the condition that the proceeds from the initial assets are reinvested.

The scheme would be very appealing in view of Hong Kong's outlook and competitiveness.

Successful applicants can bring in their spouses and unmarried dependent children and be entitled to right of abode after seven years' residence.

Scheme Not Extend to China Mainlanders But Can Apply Other Scheme

The scheme could not be extended to mainlanders because of China's strict exchange controls. However, the mainlanders who had capital and professional skills could relocate to Hong Kong under the admission scheme for mainland professionals. Under the scheme, applicants will be eligible if they have proven professional abilities and are offered employment which cannot be readily taken up by the local work force at incomes comparable with the market level.

We had received a good response to the scheme since it was introduced in July. The HKSAR government is now reviewing its policy to capture investors from mainland China. The decision will announce soon.

Any enquiry and application, please contact our professional team for an immediate assessment. Hong Kong Welcomes you.

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