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Trading started out in 1999 as a small division of HKEA Group in consumer retail and service oriented company established in 1991. We are located in Hong Kong SAR, a superb business hub located in S.E. Asia and the door to mainland China.

Utilizing the years of experience and contacts established through our manufacturers and buyers, the acquisition of factories, and the newly cultivated products and now well established contacts throughout industry, we have fast become a reliable sourcer for our buyers and manufacturers. In addition, we always have plans on the table for expansion into other popular market areas and products with which we can offer the same quality of services to our buyers and manufacturers.

If there are products that may of interest to you, please contact the coordinator for product's particular for your consideration.

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Feature Products This Month


This CD and MP3 player is specifically designed for language learners.  Students can play the learning CD, speak and repeat after the voice in the CD, the machine can record and repeat your recording, allowing the learner to compare the voice from the CD and the learner's voice. Hence, can compare the voice differences, able to learner to learn quicker and more accurate. Similar products in the market selling at HK$5,200, now at about 10% of market price. We keep the price low.

This is a must item for language learners.

Digital CD and MP3 Player for Language Learner
Voice & music repeating 
Original sound repeating
Auto & manual repeat, and 
512 sec. recording & 
Hi-Fi mode
60 seconds anti shock for MP3 disc, 10 sec for CD
Up to 16 hours repeating
MP3/CD/CD-R playback
Hold function
Batteries recharging function
Line control function

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Price: RMB600 + p&h

This is an instrument to stop using cellular phone by shielding the electric-wave from base station.Cellular phone-call Blocker is a necessary for accomplishing more cultured society because there is a growing demand which we'd better control the talking by cellular phone in public places such as church, theaters, convention centers, libraries, reading rooms, and classrooms.

Cellular Phone Call Blocker


MODEL:  SRC300 ( 2 antenna type) 
Block Frequency System : GSM/CDMA/PCS/TDMA/DCS
Dual system :
GSM900 / GSM 1800 or NEXTEL/AMPS/CDMA800 / PCS1900)
Triple system : NEXTEL/CDMA800/GSM900 / GSM 1800 or NEXTEL/AMPS/CDMA800/ GSM900 / PCS1900

Shielding(block) range : within 30~40m radius (depend on installing places) 
Possible to Adjust cover range
Size : 207mm x 112mm x 35mm
Net weight : 650g (except adapter)

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Price: RMB3,860 + p&h



Digital CCTV Video Recorder

Proprietary System, no Windows required
Removable hard drive - Portable
Duplex - recording, playing simultaneously & networking
Highly durable
User-friendly controls
No watch requirement
Adjustable 1 to 30 f/s (NTSC) Max. 25 f/s (PAL)
Password protection
Built-in motion detection Function
Auto reboot if power interrupted
Support audio recording
Remote access via ethernet


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Price: HK$ + p&h
           US$ + p&h


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 Digital Video System Recorder (DVR)

Multi-screen observation 1,4,6,9,10,13,16 screens
Multi-remote access
Display up to 16 cameras of different DVRs via LAN/ISDN/PSTN
Dynamic IP support
Easy connection to any private network of dynamic IP: ADSL,VDSL
Preset function: set camera to show certain points at certain event
Various recording mode
Recording mode in continuous, sensor, motion, sensor/motion
Easy data search and playback in multi-screen with date & time
Image backup and saving
Image store in AVI or JPEG format or colour print or to diskette
Central control system, max. 32 channel, monitor and control up to 32 cameras of different DVRs at one central location (optional)
Easy recognition of event place (optional). For big complicated building or area the system provides both the whole map and the event area

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Price: RMB + p&h

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Third Generation Fingerprint Door Lock

The world's best solution for your home & office security.

  1. Hybrid semiconductor type fingerprint sensor applied.
  2. Dual open and shutting fucntion for convenience and backup ("one-touch fingerprint" and "password")
  3. Intrusion-warning alarm / Burglar Alarm system
  4. Double and Automatic Locking devices
  5. Self-diagnostic function and emergency electric power supply
  6. Durable and elegant design Zinc alloy casting body
  7. Lowest power consumption (6* 1.5V AA Batteries, 150mA penlite) 

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Price: RMB2200 + p&h


Distributor Pricing for all Solar items

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Solar Powered Pavement Edge Warning Light

Green power product
Wireless easy to fix
Automatically turns on at night and turn off at dawn
Convert sunlight into electricity by making use of best solar cells
Store converted electricity in first rated battery

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Price: RMB74 + p&h

Solar Powered Portable System

Solar power system is a multifunctional, portable solar power kit, it can be used for camping, tour, exploration, third world countries, other emergency conditions need power. Can also use in home to save on electricity bills.

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Price: RMB1860 + p&h


Wireless System Digital Doorlock

Wireless digital doorlock opening and closing the door by using remote controller and telephone
It alarms siren and automatically makes a phone call in designated telephone number once the intruder breaks in home.

Substitute card (RF, IC, MS )or fingerprint(vocal) recognition for I.D CARD (employee card)
Establish as system H/W as PC, Card leader, controller, etc. and all sorts of D/B and Operation S/W.

Convenient installation(DIV system) - Easy installation and movement based on wireless RF system
Convenient application - Easy controlling through LED indication and voice message

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Price: RMB1310 + p&h

 include Digital Doorlock + 2 pcs Remote Control Key 
tel cat, automatic report emergency (optional) US$132 

(distributors only)

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all in one DVD PVR digital recoder 
prototype coming soon


Standalone DVR

Compatible with Multiplexers
Stand Alone Type (Non-PC, No-Software)
Real Time Recording & Display
Time Lapse Recording
MPEG2 High Quality Image
Hard Disk Drive Overwrite ON/OFF Functon
As Easy As VCR
Quick Search : Time/Alarm/Slider Bar
Auto Record after Power Failure
Simple & Compact Design
Internet Function - Optional

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Price: 1 channel w/aduio RMB2340 + p&h 
           2 channel w/audio RMB3088 + p&h  
           9 channel w/audio RMB4025 + p&h 

All-in-One : DVD player and PVR (Personal video Redorder) using Hard Disc Drive.
Digital Audio and Video Recording

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