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HKEA Group Ltd., is a group expanding the factory to breed a new security division with hi-tech designed products focused on R&D, production and manufacture of digital video/ audio core products. Professional research and develop high quality and low Bit-Rate hardware video/audio codec products, which are based on multimedia image codec chip and MPEG-4-based software architecture with high performance. The series includes MPEG-4 DVR Board, MPEG-4 DVR System, MPEG-2 Standalone and Car DVR System. Our new DVR utilize the leading edge MPEG-4 with the latest H.264 compression giving higher performance and quality.

Located in Hong Kong SAR, a superb business hub situated in S.E. Asia and the door to mainland China. We have a professional and experienced development team in our company. With mastering the design of real-time embedded systems, video image codec, multimedia communications, we have the ability to R&D digital video/ audio products independently.

We will continue to improve our products to meet the market needs; innovate actively to change real capability of R&D into digital video/audio products constantly. Cooperation with companies of the same industry to expand the whole digital video/audio field to a higher technological level.

Our company granted a stringent license to buy/sell, export and install CCTV security system from the governement. We have the honoured to received this license and is only issued to a handful of security company.

If you are Engineering Provider of Video/Audio Application
If you are engineering provider of video/audio application:
Integrating HKEA MPEG-4 DVR Board is a good selection. You can get high integration and plenty of alternative modular components of full function, continual updated capability and high efficient technical support services, you can rapidly develop the application, create high quality, reassurance, and model engineering, so to acquire more projects.

If you are Agency of Video/Audio Products 
If you are agency of video/audio products:
Selecting HKEA MPEG-4 DVR Board as retail or wholesale will help you succeed rapidly. The DVR board can configure in any foreign languages or characters according to the Windows. The Easy DIY DVR complete set for home and office can bring you massive volume sales. Our high quality products, extensive marketing network will help you gain more customers. Generate enormous revenue. Our newly embedded O/S Standalone system satisfied all professional required standard but with very user friendly operation. No minimum quantity order. Competitive price with 3 months direct exchange warranty and up to 12 months full repair parts and labour.

If you are System Integration Company with Ability on Developing Video/Audio Application
If you are system integration company with certain ability on development of video/audio application:
Selecting HKEA DVR products as a base to develop will reduce your cost and risk, raise the function capability and performance of your solution plan quickly and wholly, thus raise the confidence and prestige of your company!


HKEA always open for all creative business proposition, your suggestion is welcome and reward all contributed parties and serve the community.
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