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Treat Employees as Family Members,

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HKEA Group Limited, is a group company diversify in Security Protection, Education, Property, Hospitality, Sundries Trading, LED Lights

and Investment in 7 divisions with Head Office in Hong Kong and local offices in China Mainland, Singapore, Thailand and the United Kingdom.


HKEA has over 20 years of experience in CCTV, alarm and security protection in many sectors.

Employ Thermal Cameras, CCTV and Biometrics  technology to safe gurad our clients assets and personal protection.

HKEA is licensed under SGSIA to design, maintain and install security system.

Speak to our Security Specialst for your requirement. Please call us for a free confidential appraisal, +852 2213 4000.

Education is HKEA first line of product in this group. Courses range from Chinese and English languages, lower academic, higher academic to extra curriculum courses in climbing, hiking, horse riding and overseas courses.

HKEA managed hundreds of courses with students in thousands.

Speak to our Course Coordinator for your course prerequisite. We also provides domestic and abroad courses in school holidays and in the Summer, +852 2213 4000.

HKEA managed a portfolio of local and overseas investment properties. Properties are leased on long term basis with a strong steady annual growth over the years.

We always in search of valuable acquistion.


HKEA have tranform itself from a small F&B merchant supplying health products for supermarket chain to become a Joint Venture restaurants partner with local investor in the UK to build a chain of restaurant in the UK.

HKEA have attracts local and overseas fund investors to accelarate to expansion. The first group of restaurants are due to open this Fall.

For those who like to join our franchise or selling your restaurant, please send all your details by email consulting@hkeagroup.com

HKEA have a commerical network to meet your next procument in China. Saves you all the bickering and bafflin, and most important time for the best product. We ship as far as Brazil and Columbia and as close as Hong Kong, Singapore and Thailand.

Our Procurement Strategy helps our buyers to maximize value and minimize risk in the procurement of goods, services and works. HKEA will inspect for you the goods before broading the vesel, or audit the service works completed accordingly.

We have the lowest fees in the industry to create win-win long term partnership.

Please email your procurement list for your comparison.

HKEA can design and assemble all your LED in our China Mainland associate factory. Products are manufacture in ISO 9001 factory with over 10 years experience in this field, and 98.5% repeat customers rate.

Customers can buy from our standard items or custom made to order.

Email to our LED Sales Representative for your LED installation or your latest procument for the market best compeitive price oem@beam.hk .




HKEA always open for all creative business proposition, your suggestion is welcome and reward all contributed parties and serve the community.
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